Puberty Stage or Something Else

Our society today has made certain things unclear to us, thereby putting the heart of many, especially parents, in a perplexing situation.

Before now, the puberty stage used to be that crucial stage in life when you realise you are gradually leveling up from being a child to being an adult, it is that stage when some certain goals are being set, it is that stage when you want to work more on your potentials, it is that stage when we want to boast up our thinking faculty, it is that stage when you want to explore, you want to build up your inner mind, you want to improve on not just your outward look but also your inbuilt character.

Can we now say it has become a shadow of itself or Is that what it is nowadays?

It is so disheartening that our society today has negatively affected the mindset and understanding of young ones, it has managed to erase good morals from the heart of many, all in the name of technological advancement.

Young ones now see this stage as a period of freedom, they see it as a gateway to do whatever pleases them, they see it as a time to decide without guidance, they see it as a time to neglect advise because they feel too grown up to yield to it.


It is just so heartbreaking realising that some parents are pioneers of this problem, their negligence paved the ways for immoral act of their children, they are too busy to have a sensitive conversation with their kids, they assume the child has been taught in school all he/she needs to know thereby neglecting the place of a parent to child relationship.

It’s not rocket science to know that the advent of technology has brought about good changes in all streams, especially in the way of learning where assignments and research could be done, which has made learning easy but let’s not forget that there are numerous potential risks, such as cyberbullying, sending sexual content, excessive use and compromised privacy being erupted by the wrong use of it.

It is understandable that at  puberty stage, children crave to explore, the excitement of the changes in their body overwhelms them and that is the most critical period where parents need to work more on their children, especially on the girl child.

As parents, it is advisable to control their excitement, let them know the effect(s) of making wrong decisions, be very close to them, be their confidant, make them talk about issues of concern with you without the fear of being castigated, be sensitive to things happening around them, don’t be too hard on them, and also take cognizance of their utterances.

Be a Concerned Parent…