Mrs Ireti Adesola features CPE “Save Education in Nigeria” Campaign on Radio.


Mrs Ireti Adesola,Director of Rhealyz Africa has taken a bold step  towards fulfilling her promise of featuring CPE Advocacy programmes which is a radio programme aired on Ondo Radio every Saturday.This move to create better exposure for CPE Advocacy efforts has been lauded by educational facilitators in the state and all over Nigeria, as the Radio programme would be a platform to reinforce and address critical educational issues in the state and Nigeria as a whole.

The Radio Show host expressed the goals and aims of CPE’s “Save Education in Nigeria” February Advocacy Campaign, highlighting the need for everyone, whether education-inclined or religious believer, to be supportive of the campaign so as to restructure and reorganize the educational system in Nigeria.

Mrs Ireti Adesola stressed that the Rhealyz Africa Initiative is fully commited to being the springboard for media discussions that would spread the campaign far and wide in Nigeria,so as to achieve the goal of recalibrating the Nigerian educational system for immense productivity and development of every Nigerian child.