If you fail to discover your “WHY” as a teacher, you may need to plan an exit strategy says Soji Oyawoye

Mr Soji Oyawoye, the CEO of Resource Intermediaries and Guest Speaker at the “Inspired to Teach” Virtual program organised by the Concerned parents and Educators Initiative advised teachers to take time to reflect and discover “Why” they have chosen the profession.

Mr Oyawoye spoke on the topic “ DARE TO THINK AND EXECUTE DIFFERENT.


He encouraged teachers to always act in the best interest of the children

He stated that “ the primary role of education is not to teach to pass exams but to provide a platform that allows students to find expression in their creative abilities”

Teachers were reminded that they have the capacity to influence the lives of their students in and out of the classroom.

He also advised teachers to be open to learning. This will cost time, energy, and money but it will always yield great results.


Mr Oluwemimo Ogunde(SAN) also shared extensively from his personal experience and the impact made by teachers in his life. He gave the example of a particular teacher in his secondary school days who took time to encourage and support him when he lost his mother. He pointed out that teachers must leave great memories in the hearts of their students.

The program was attended by over 259 participants as well as the Admin Team of the concerned parents and educators.

Member of CPE Board of Trustees, Mrs TOYIN Idowu thanked all participants and facilitators for creating time to attend the program. She stated that it is a continuous program designed to impact teachers nationwide