CPE Network provides financial assitance to 10 schools for students fees payment.

In what was a very emotional yet fun-filled day, the Concerned Parents and Educators (CPE), a popular Facebook group with over a hundred thousand members, in collaboration with Association for Formidable Educational Development (AFED), a local NGO, visited a couple of Low-Cost Schools along the Mile 12 – Ikorodu axis of Lagos State. This was to provide financial support to some parents who are defaulting in the payment of their children’s school fees and also to provide some useful amenities for the school’s usage.



The first school to be visited was Oge Oloroaje Nursery and Primary School at Mile 12. The group, led by some members of the CPE group and former president of AFED, Mrs. Dada Ifejola, was warmly welcomed by the School Owner, Mrs. Rotimi; the School Director, Mr. Michael Edu; and members of the staff and some parents. The children were extremely excited to see these guests and were eager to participate in conversation. Mrs. Yinka Ogunde, the founder of the CPE group, noted this and commended the efforts of the teachers and administrators of the school. “I noticed that the children are extremely vibrant and confident”, commented Mrs. Ogunde, “this just goes on to show how much effort the teachers and administrators of this school put into building the children, the environment notwithstanding.”

The group then went on to meet with the parents who were to be the beneficiaries of this act of goodwill. After a speech by Mrs. Dada encouraging the parents to focus their attention and resources on training their children, they were told of the plans to pay their children’s school fees for the term. This prompted an immediate reaction from the parents who were overjoyed and immediately fell on their knees thanking the group and God in turns and a few tears were shed. The money was received by Mrs. Yemi Odole, a ‘pure water’ seller whose grandchild was a beneficiary and then handed over to the School Director. Having previously explained that her husband had abandoned her and was ‘as good as dead’, she went on to express her sincerest gratitude to the group on behalf of the parents, praying for the replenishment of the pockets from whence the money came.

The next school that was visited was Lucas Ade Nursery and Primary School at Agiliti. After being welcomed in by the School Owner, Mr. Lucas Adeniyi, the group was immediately serenaded by beautiful Yoruba songs and Nursery rhymes sung by the pupils. Renditions that stood out included “Iya To Bi Mi” and “Laye Ti Mo Wa” among others, songs packed with lessons that Mrs. Ogunde did not fail to point out to the eager children. Mrs. Oyenekan then presented the money to the parents, which elicited words of thanks from the overjoyed parents.

In all, a total of 10 schools received payments for 5 children each. These schools are

  • Oge Oloroaje Nursery and Primary School, Mile 12.
  • Lucas Ade Nursery and Primary School, Agiliti.
  • Rachtom Nursery and Primary School, Odunsi Bariga.
  • Milson Nursery and Primary School, Imota.
  • Bethysanta School, Igbokuta, Gberigbe.
  • Latoscare Nursery and Primary School, Ikorodu.
  • Anis Nursery and Primary School, Itunmaja, Ikorodu.
  • Kingswise School, Igbogbo.
  • Tama Nursery and Primary School, Ikorodu.
  • Stardom Children School, Isawo.

The representatives of each of these schools showed extreme gratitude to the work the CPE put forth to make the outing a success. Dr. Oduntan Joseph spoke on behalf of all present at a later gathering. He thanked the selfless effort by the CPE and promised that the schools will put in more effort to deliver quality education regardless of the immediate circumstances.

Mrs. Dada gave a passionate speech about the importance of giving. “Don’t think what you are doing is in vain”, she said. “Don’t choose to settle yourself [for] it can bring troubles as it is not God’s provision”. She went on to encourage the teachers to engage themselves in the act of giving.

Mrs. Ogunde also went on to thank everyone for coming and making the outing a success. She commended the efforts of Mrs. Dada for her integrity even in trying times. She solicited for others to borrow a leaf from the example of integrity. She explains, “There are so many people willing to help, they just have to be sure that it gets to the recipients”.

Some of the school owners and educators went on to complain about some issues they face in managing of the schools during a personal interview. In a discussion with Mr. Michael Edu, he pointed out that some parents are unwilling to put their children in school. He added that the teachers bear the brunt of the financial situation of the parents as it makes funds unavailable to pay salaries on time. Mr. Samson Odufote, Owner of Stardom Children School, outlined the problems his school faces as financial, environmental and problems with school amenities. Despite all this, his school still does well to impart knowledge to the children.

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