CPE Nation-wide Advocacy Plan-The way Forward.


The Concerned Parents and Educators forum having taken several giants strides to take action on the current debilitating and deteriorating standard of education as well as standard of life in the country, went a notch higher by earmarking February as a general advocacy month to address critical issues besetting the standard of living in the Nigeria as well as other facets of the country, contributing to continued poverty, poor education and unemployment.

This is why the concerned parents and educators forum as headed by Mrs Yinka Ogunde, the founder of the group as well as members of the board of trustees such as Mrs Toyin Idowu,Adejoke Lai Babatunde,Dr.Oshin have collectively strived to take the lead in addressing core issues of health,education,finance affecting children and parents in low income areas of the country  in conjunction with its ever expanding members of over 118,000 members all over the country to make a positive, lasting influence.

The forum has readied itself more than in previous times, to be an advocacy forum for creating awareness and enlightenment for less privileged areas of the country to provide support and put a smile on the faces of people suffering, children with disability, homeless kids, refugee camps, parents who are financially incapable of paying for their children’s school fees, low income schools with dilapidated school structures, inadequate teaching aids and reading materials.

This is evident in the advocacy crusade which is set to bring a wave of change all over the country from February 2020 with insightful strategies which would rally around NGOs home and abroad, employ social media campaigns to push out the ordeals and trials of everyday Nigerians who are struggling and need a helping hand to stand, walk and fly.

This is what Concerned Parents Forum stand for, making an impact one step at a time, one individual at a time, one child at a time, over 20 states in the country have shown immense interest to be a part of the “Save Education Now” Initiative which is the theme of the advocacy programme slated for February 2020 and have expressed undaunted support to effectively tackle the core issues that have bedevilled the overall state Education in the Country.

The goal is to be the voice that heralds change in Nigeria, starting with Education which is the bedrock of the success and failure of any country, education has to be at the center of it all, this is the stand of the Concerned Parents Forum.