CPE commences preparation for February Advocacy Campaign tagged “Speak Out”

Make your voice heard! Come out and speak,talk and discuss to charter a new course for education in Nigeria by being a part of the CPE February Advocacy Campaign that would be set in motion from the 26th of February 2020.

The only way you can truly be a part of change in Nigeria is by standing with CPE,to address the rot in the educational system and also provide real-life solutions to them by taking the first step which is to Speak Out! to save the future of the current generation and to provide a lasting solution that would end high turn out of students from school, substandard educational quality and lack of concrete financial budgeting for the educational system in the country.

The first big,bold step starts with you ,so Speak out! and be a part of the educational development in Nigeria today,this includes the “na me school help” outreach day ,which is also part of the activities lined up for the three week Advocacy campaign in February.Read more https://www.businessremarks.com.ng/concerned-parents-and-educators-cpe-unveils-na-me-school-help-campaign/