CPE Advocacy Efforts Picks up Momentum with Bodija Market Outreach.

CPE Advocacy efforts shines through again ,as the initiative’s “Save Education Now” climbs to a new high with its advocacy efforts to low income ,rural areas that are in dire need of governmental support,financial support to live a better and more productive lives ,so as to give hope to their loved ones,children and add meaning to their own life as well.

The gear was switched a notch higher has CPE continued its advocacy efforts to touch and affect the lives of the average,distressed ,downtrodden masses by extending a hand of love to hinterlands areas of the country,this journey has been in full swing since 2019 when the CPE team reached out to provide financial support to families,local business,school owners as well as students who were sorely laggig behind in their studies because of the financial incapability of their parents to buy them necessary books for school as well as pay their school fees as when due.

This journey to be a source of hope continued ,as CPE visited Bodija Market in Ibadan as part of its low-income support initiative to not only priovide financial support for the residents and small scale business owners there,but to also orient and enlighten them about the need for them to support education in their homes, in their community so as to give the young generation a leverage for a better future.

Appreciations and gratitudes filled the air,as many of the small scale business owners complained about the hardships and economic downturn which had greatly affected the returns of their business,CPE’s journey to Bodija market was divine providence to the the inhabitants of Bodija Market at a time when the economic malaise of the country has sent shockwaves throughout several lives,it was a day to remember,knowing that lives had been touched,businesses had been supported and the journey towards saving education in Nigeria has taken more progressive steps.

CPE “Save Education in Nigeria” Advocacy Campaign is gradually making bold of its promise to touch every nook and crannies of Nigeria,spreading its message of  developing quality education in Nigeria,with the support of concerned Nigerians who are tired of looking the other way and are willing to stand their ground and make a definite ,positive impact to save our educational system for a better ,productive future that tommorow’s children would be proud of.