A gift from the heart-Mrs Bose Peter Thomas gives Math Lab to CPE Low Income Schools

There is nothing ever so touching as a warm gift, a token given from the depths of one’s hearts, this expression of deep love and concern for another pervades all kind of gifts, as the greatest gift one can give is caring and being concerned about the well being of another.

This was the expression I saw on the face of Mrs Bose Peter Thomas, a retired educator who gave everything she had ever being passionate and dedicated about to the Low Income School Support Initiative of Concerned Parents and Educators Network.

Truly, it was a touching sight, seeing the drive, the enthusiasm with which she gave all without looking back, doubting or having second thoughts about giving the totality of her Maths Lab archives and educational materials to CPE.

Thoughts flushed in as I thought of the warm faces of little children who are in need in several low income school areas, after visiting Mile 12 two days ago for one of our Low Income School Visitations and seeing the debacle in which several schools are in and seeing the state of schools, teachers and parents in such areas, my heart leapt to praise Mrs Bose Peter Thomas, because at that moment she was what every child wanted in a hero, she was a super woman!

Thanks, gratitudes and praises might never be enough as Mrs Bose gave all! From Maths Textbooks for Primary, Junior and Secondary Schools to Stationery boards, chairs, tables, Maths instructional DVDs and more.

Mrs Bose Peter Thomas wrote her name on the sands of time by giving Sede Maths Labs educational materials to CPE in furtherance of the Low Income School Support initiative, which is the very reason for the establishment of CPE.

I thought of the kids that would have a new chair to sit on in class, every child need such as these little things can make a difference in a child’s education, I then looked at that stationery boards which would have cost a lot to buy, and here she was being the hero that was needed to make an instant difference!


Her story would keep reverberating in the hearts and minds of every member of the CPE Network Community as well as in the minds of every young one who would be given a better chance at education through Mrs Bose’s good deeds.

Truly, anyone can make a difference but “can everyone be the hero of the moment? this was my concluding as we carted away the exquisite educational materials that would be the source of joy for children in need.

Change start with you as it did with Mrs. Bose, are you ready to make a difference?